Client and Partner Feedback

We listen!

We listen!

Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful relationships. 
Each time you purchase a new policy, you can expect to receive a feedback survey about your interaction with our team.  We don't stop there, any time we receive client or referral partner feedback - we share it here!

Our goal is to be the absolute best!  In order to do that, we need your feedback. We like to know how your experience was working with us and how we can improve. 

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First Agent to Sit Down & Explain
Stephanie was the first insurance agent to sit down and explain what we are paying for and why. I love it. You guys have me for as long as she is around.

Can you describe your experience working with us?
Jordan was accessible for my questions, quick to respond with a quote and explained the policy coverages well, including what made the policy I chose unique to other policies

What could we do to improve your experience?
Nothing else I can think of. It was quite productive!

Quick & Easy
It honestly was perfect. Quick, easy, consultative, and Jordan is helping us to lower our insurance costs significantly for effectively the same, if not better coverage.

Delightful experience
Thanks again for all your help. I've already recommended you to literally everyone I know who might be shopping for insurance in the near future since this has been such a delightful experience!

One-Stop Shop
My buyers asked for a few different Insurance contacts to shop around, but after one conversation with Lisa and (their) team, she called to tell me she didn't think she'd find better prices or better people to work with.

Seamless customer experience
Working with Lisa and the team here ahs been nothing less than amazing.
I focus on making sure my client experience is as seamless as possible once we go under contract and one of the ways I do that is by taking small tasks off of their plate. Every single buyer that goes under contract gets sent to Lisa and within hours her team is reaching out to them to get the ball rolling on their insurance coverage. I have had amazing feedback from my buyers saying how great it is to not have to search and worry about this step. They are always courteous and professional when dealing with my clients and I know that I will never have an issue with them.

On a personal note, Lisa has been and will continue to be a great support for me personally. Every time I see her she showers me with compliments and really cares about how my life and business are going. Her genuine care for me shines through in our interactions and that is so rare in this business and much appreciated.

Timely & Thoughtful
Whenever our Buyers have been faced with a complex situation regarding their property insurance, Lisa and her team at (Equity Insurance Group) have been available to us (even on the weekends) to walk us through a solution for the client. Lisa responds to our clients' inquiries in a timely, thoughtful manner. It's easy to see and feel the level of genuine care and concern Lisa has for our clients. This, combined with an unparalleled level of expertise, is a winning combination for us and the clients we serve. We can't say enough good things about Lisa and we highly recommend her to our clients and colleagues.

Client Feedback
"...I'm delighted to share that I would like to proceed with your agency for my home and automotive insurance! I have really appreciated all the explanations given throughout this quoting process, and you (Haddie) and Jordan share information in a way that I can easily digest and follow. Means a lot!"

Did we answer your question today?
That's good news. Thanks for your messages, Stephanie -- excellent customer service!  

Tell us about your experience.
is very professional, quick response, and able to find the similar coverage with different carriers with lower premium.

Client Feedback
Thank you so much, Haddie! This has been great. This policy is honestly marginally better than what I currently have, and it's almost half the price! You rock.

"...Well-Versed In Everything Insurance"

Deal Saver
Lisa and team truly care about their clients more so than the bottom dollar.
This was proven to me on a personal transaction in a different state where the electrical wiring was deemed un-insurable. With just hours remaining to piece it all together, we asked Lisa and team if Allstate in general could insure the wiring, and they not only educated us about why Allstate is one of the only companies that does, they introduced us to another contact out of state within minutes of our conversation as they don't write policies in the area we were purchasing. The conversation and connection was literally a deal saver.

We love to do business with problem solvers. Lisa and her team illustrated they are solutions-based and willing to help no matter the outcome. We enjoy building relationships with like-minded industry partners and have found an excellent source of information and high level of service with Lisa and her team. We'll continue referring clients too Lisa because it's important to us to know they are being taken care of during the transaction and after. Thanks, Lisa!

Extremely Quick
and their team were extremely quick to follow up with my client and get him the information he needed. They did a great job following up with us and making sure that everything worked for all the parties involved. We would highly recommend them!

Client Experience Is Essential
The “client experience” is essential to our business. We can’t afford to have companies we refer be less than exceptional. From the moment they answer the first phone call, Lisa and the (Equity Insurance Group) team continue to wow our clients with their friendliness, expertise, and overall professionalism.


Accommodating & Fabulous
Jordan did a great job - was very accommodating and on top of things, that Lisa has a great team and that Jordan is a keeper! He was fabulous and I'll be sending referrals your way!