Live with Lisa - "Design" featuring Elise LoSasso Tuck

Live with Lisa - "Design" featuring Elise LoSasso Tuck

January 21, 2021
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In this Live with Lisa: Candid Conversations Series, I interviewed Elise LoSasso Tuck as we reviewed the topic: Design. 

I know that I am not alone when I say I am craving REAL conversations. Conversations that are real, raw and brave. Please join me for "Live with Lisa." I'll be talking to some of my favorite people about: Addiction, Advocacy, Anxiety, Beauty, Business, Faith, Leadership, Loss, Parenting and much more! 


Featured Speaker Biography

Elise LoSasso Tuck – I was born to buy and sell real estate! While I have a very professional and competitive approach, you will almost always catch me smiling, laughing, and having fun all while I give 110% to the job. I am a third-generation Denver native and I have a ton of Colorado pride!

          I only work with a certain number of clients at one time so that each person receives 5-star treatment. I know the market, and can advise all buyers, sellers and investors regarding any questions or concerns that they have. I earned “Rookie of the Year” honors by the Denver Metropolitan Association of Realtors as one of the top selling agents at one of Denver’s top boutique real estate firms and by the beginning of my third year, I have sold over $60 million dollars’ worth of property along with closing over 80 successful transactions. In 2018 I was also awarded “Top 1% Buyer’s Agent” and “Top 5% Producer” by ‘HomeLight’. In 2019 I was featured in ‘Denver Top Producers Magazine’ because of my numbers. I was also asked to be the only Denver Realtor referral partner of the iconic, 5-star Brown Palace Hotel & Spa.Through this partnership I was also given a full page spread and featured in the magazine, ‘The Concierge’that is given to all hotel residents via in person and online as well as to thousands of Denver vendors. In 2020 I have been awarded “Denver’s Top Producer” by ‘5280 Magazine’ with a spread in the March 2020 issued, highlighted in ‘Americas Women Magazine’ and featured in ‘Voyage Denver Magazine’as one of Denver’s “Most Inspirational People”. In November of 2020, I was greatly honored to be featured and highlighted as one of the four “Top Denver Business Leaders” by ‘Vanity Fair Magazine’.

           Despite the demands of the profession, I remain active in my community working with various charities and reaching out to help others in any way that I can. After all it’s what we put into action that matters and it’s a strong community that builds the wonderfully robust and friendly Denver neighborhoods around us. While I’m not helping others, you can find me exploring and hiking through the mountains, eating my way through the city, and spending time with my very outgoing and lovable Italian family.

           Whether you’re selling and/or buying, your home is incredibly important to me! It is the space that relaxes, fulfills and rejuvenates. It is the place to express your style, your personality and characteristics of yourself all while creating amazing, loving memories. You will quickly see that I am very dedicated, competitive and loyal and that my job is not complete until we find you the perfect place to call home. I am truly honored to assist you with any and all of your real estate needs!"



Interview Q&A

   LisaTell us how you got started in real estate.

   Elise:  I had a plethora of different occupations until I was about 30 at which time I entered into luxury property management and assisted high rises here in Denver with their "lease ups". Real estate had always been whispering to me and after dissatisfaction of dead ending jobs and toxic relationships, I made a complete lifestyle change and passed the real estate exam at 31. I hit the ground running and never looked back! I'm 36 years old and have never been healthier or happier! I'm in the top 5% of Denver agents out of 14,000 of us and I'm honored! Finding your passion is priceless and I'm full of daily gratitude for that. 

   LisaHow did you get started in design?

   Elise:  I had a builder show me his home listed for $1.1M and after looking at the paint colors, tile choices, lighting, flooring, etc., I guessed that it was going for $900k. He was insulted and shocked since he had hired a designer to help him but ended up asking me to design his next project and from there it was job after job :) 

   LisaYou work with your husband, Stevie Tuck.  How did that come about?

   Elise:  When I met Stevie, I had just started in real estate and he was just starting his first "flip" project. It did so well that he quickly took on high end spec homes at the same time I took off in luxury real estate and design. We teamed up and have built some really beautiful projects together. I think couples love to see another couple working hard together and creating something. Working with your spouse is not always easy, but it's worth every minute.

   LisaWhat is your creative process?

   Elise:  Most designers hired by a builder will look at floorplans and begin to design from the paper. While I can choose basics in this preliminary stage, I refuse to go further until I can step foot in the space (when the house is in framing). From here I can truly get a sense of the space, ceiling heights, natural light, etc. which for me (and I have learned everyone else) really assists with selections whether it be plumbing fixtures, tile, lighting, accent walls, etc. When designing for clients with existing homes, I go to the home to interview them first and THEN tour. You would be surprised how many people's personalities do not line up with the "design" in their current home - it's not wonder they reach out! They do not feel like themselves in their own space and that's what I love creating :)

   LisaWhat elements define your style?  What inspires you?

   Elise:  I am a modern, vintage lover all the way.  Take an open concept NY loft and pair it with elements of cottages in the country - that is me. I'm inspired by window placement and sizes (natural light) along with the sense of "home". Blacks, golds, walnut, brick, and marbles speak to me like no other and from there I can transform a space. I do take pride in being able to hear what clients want and work to their taste. That said, you will see a bit of "me" in their finishes :) 

   LisaHow do you get “unstuck” creatively?

   Elise:  Good question! There have been days where I must truly force mood boards and focus and that's when I know I need to step away and come back to it. It is all about timing and feeling inspired in the day. It really helps me to visit homes on the market or recently sold along with showrooms to get my creative juices flowing. I can also play all day on Pinterest! 

   LisaWhat are some of the obstacles you run into in your work as a designer?

   Elise:  There are many. Sourcing materials through COVID has been so challenging. Everything is out of stock or backordered for 6-9 months! Showrooms are closed and begin to actually "touch and feel" products are pretty much shelved. You have to be VERY organized and on top of your game during this pandemic and to set your clients' expectations appropriately. Also, I always have a couple nights during a project where I don't sleep. Questioning my choices and living in some anxiety and fear that my clients will hate what I've done with their home haha. That is normal but it took awhile for me to really trust myself and my designs. Believing in yourself for something you did not go to school for is tough for me but in the end, just silly! 

   Lisa:  Tell us about a project you were really proud of and why.

   Elise:  My current home! I can design for everyone else but when it comes down to designing for us, I really went down the wormhole! I had so many amazing ideas that began to take life but implementing them without getting too busy in the space was hard. I cannot wait to have photos taken so I can share them with everyone! Blood, sweat, and tears went into taking this lil 1950s ranch and making it fabulous! 

   LisaWhat kinds of clients do you like to work with?

   Elise:  All kinds! Truly! I consider myself a chameleon when it comes to personalities and I find it fun and exhilarating to give people the "reveal" they have in their heads! I really love when I get a quirky person with a different taste who throws curve balls my way and makes it challenging. Those are my growth moments!

   LisaTell us what 2021 looks like for you.

   Elise:  It looks brighter than ever! While running a successful real estate business, Stevie and I are launching our official Design and Build firm with only the best contractors and designers. Stay tuned for amazing projects coming this year!  


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